Monday, October 24, 2005

Freedom and other ramblings

Freedom is a beautiful thing. For Today I am Free. Hubby at work, mom out of town, kids at school. I can do or not do whatever I want. I guess I will start with a hot bath and reading my book and then whatever. I cannot believe what my oldest child told me the middle of last week-he is entering puberty at the tender age of TEN!!! I am not that old to have a child in puberty. Good thing my first one was born when I was a child myself. I have some needy family members who I don not care for much and now they have had the audacity to ask if my Hubby can co-sign for their 17 year old married with a kid kid. Who in the FUCK do they think we are -Uncle and Auntie Money Bags. They can go screw themselves and the bicycles they rode in on. Wastes of skin. On to better stuff. I still may go to the Jason Aldean concert on Wednesday in Fort Collins (a friend at work may go with me). I suggest everyone check out Martina McBride's new CD Timeless. She re-recorded several old songs and to stay true to the old sound they used microphones from the 1968 and before and no guitars or amps newer than 1965. On this CD includes my parents song "I never promise you a Rose Garden". Have a good day and Much Love.


Blogger The Last Day said...

Thank you for not elaborating on what you were going to do after taking a bath, or what kind of book you were going to read.

Did you notice how you transitioned from something that sounded romantic to how your son's body is changing? WTF?

Boys don't hit puberty until 12.

Robin and I want some too - Auntie Money Bags. What do we get?

Is Country music actually music?

Wed Oct 26, 08:49:00 AM MDT  
Blogger Angela said...

Dear last day
My son is the exception to the rule probably because of the insulin acting as a growth hormone.I Aunite Money Bags give you uncle Money Bags. Of course country music is music I am just sorry that it is too advanced for you to understand.

Wed Oct 26, 10:31:00 AM MDT  
Blogger The Last Day said...

I heard a country music song today that was talking about how people should remember why we are at war with Iraq. This guy was misinformed just like most of the public. He actually wrote a song about reminding us we are at war because of what "Iraq" did to the twin towers of the World Trade Center. If all country singers are like this, I feel sorry for the ignorant people who listen to it. Far from advanced

Oh yeah, we want something else - Auntie Money Bags

Wed Oct 26, 07:02:00 PM MDT  
Blogger The Last Day said...

The Country Music Artist is Darryl Worley. The song is "Have You Forgotten". After listening to this song again, Darryl sings about Bin Ladin and the twin towers, the pentagon, and the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania, but I'm not convinced he knows that Bin Ladin was in Afganistan and not Iraq. He shows pics of soldiers going off to war - but the only people we are at war at is Iraq. Copy the link below into your browser>1=7150&stab=3&genre=29441771&mpc3=41&sbc3=0&sdr3=0
And then look in the lower left corner to listen for yourself.

Tell me what you think
Maybe I am stupid

Thu Oct 27, 06:26:00 PM MDT  

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