Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My so-called Vacation

Last week I was on vacation. I had big plans to go up to the cabin and relax but that is not what happened. My husband had gone to Sturgis and was due to come home on Sunday. He called me on Saturday saying his bike had broke and that he had no way home. So then the plan developed that on Monday after my echocardiogram me and the kids would drive up there in the truck to pick up him and the bike. We drive like maniacs up through Wyoming and into South Dakota. We made it there by 4:30 pm in time to pick up the bike before the dealer closes. We get loaded and head off to Denny's for dinner. We no sooner get sat down and it is a downpour. We go back to the hotel and decide to go swimming. As we swim we watch it continue to rain and the roads and parking lot flood. I am thankful that we drove like maniacs and beat the weather. Tuesday we eat at the hotel and then go to BEAR COUNTRY USA and head back out for the drive home. We were taking the two lane highway and there is not a lot of towns along the way. Emily starts saying she is hungry and I consult the map and tell my husband where we should stop before we hit no mans land. We decide where to stop and then next thing I know we are driving through where we decided to stop and my husband is saying' "We can stop later I don't want to get home at midnight." We keep updating the place and then keep passing it up. I am trying to keep the peace and figure out where to stop. Several hours of "I'm hungry" from the backseat we finally stop at the Subway in Lusk Wyoming. If you have ever been to Lusk there is not many options to stop and eat. We keep heading down the road and get home. The next day I get the job of driving the bike out to Aurora to the dealer. After that the kids and I head up the hill to the cabin where my mom and aunt are. I love my aunt with all my heart but she is a bit difficult to deal with at times. Thursday we drive over Gore Pass which is absolutely beautiful. Friday back down the hill and then into mom's car for the drive to Scottsbluff to take Jean home. Fours hours up and four hours back for a total of 10 hours in a car if you include the drive down the hill. Saturday was spent getting ready for the upcoming school year because the kids start on the following Monday. Sunday was a birthday party and a few other chores. To top it all off my allergies flared up and I am still miserable with them. I had a class for work yesterday and go back to work tonight. I did not get to really relax or so anything on my house like I had planned. I am ready for a real vacation now.


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Bitch, bitch, bitch...

I want to hear some good stories. Stories that have nothing but nice things to say.

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