Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The water heater Vedetta

The water heater
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It seems that we have a vendetta against our family by hot water heaters. My sister's went out my mom's is acting up and so is mine. Last night I thought I would take a nice hot relaxing bath. After running my warm bath I heard what I thought was rain. I was very excited as we have not had very much moisture. After I went downstairs to put the laundry in the dryer before gong to bed. When I opened the door to the laundry room I was met by a room full of water. I called my husband downstairs to help figure out what had caused the flood. It appears that the hot water heater had been bumped and turned all the way up and got to hot so the pop off valve went off spewing the scalding water everywhere and blowing out the pilot light. Thankfully I was not in there doing laundry and niether of the cats were using the cat pan as the pop off valve is right over the cat pan. I got to spent the next hour cleaning up the water including the wet cat litter that had been cast out of the pan by the cats. When I went out into the garage to throw out the trash I found out it had overflowed out there as well.


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Dirty mothers....

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