Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Friends and Family

Many come and many go. There are friends for certain purposes and friends for no reasons at all. We have shared many good times and many bad but in the end there is only those who hold you in their hearts. To my long standing friend(s) I say this to you- I love you. We shouldn't let people or distance separate us. We are born into families, we choose our friends. I am blessed to have Bird Meadow, Nae-ner, and Beep as my best friends and also my family. Then there are my almost brothers thank you for them. I almost forgot the anchors of this-- Nanna and Poppa without you I would be less me. Then there is the man who takes and gives the most crap of all I love you forever and always. My little people are my angels on earth, thank you all for loving me and for making me realize that the universe is in control and I am here to enjoy the ride- even all the lumps and bumps. Thank you all for being here on this ride with me to make it even more enjoyable.


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